Juan Bautista Chapa, El Genovés Regiomontano

Below you will find an outstanding paper written on Juan Bautista Chapa by Davide Gambino, an archivist and historian from Genoa (along with a rough English translation (based on google translate)). The paper gathers in one place the known facts about Juan Bautista Chapa's early life in Genoa and Cádiz, including where he lived, his parents' and grandparents livelihood, when he left Genoa and Cádiz and some interesting details about the lives and business affairs of Chapa's father, grandfather and uncle. Especially interesting is the way that he was able to discover the documents and records that provide this information - ranging from local census records in Albisola to a copy of his uncle Giovanni's last will and testament - Giovanni (the original Juan Bautista Chapa was one of the many Genovese traders who settled in Cádiz, married a Portuguese woman, and almost certainly traded in African slaves.





Juan Bautista Chapa's Birth Record